Mindful Markings
Integrating Art and Mindfulness Practice

Imagine freely drawing, eyes closed, with a pencil connecting the rhythm of your breath to the marks your hand makes on the paper; translating a physical sensation visually...
A beautiful intersection naturally exists between creative process and mindfulness practice…

We all start out with ‘beginner’s mind’; as CREATIVE, CONNECTED BEINGS, our senses and awareness heightened. But, sadly, many lose touch.  
More than ever, in this increasing fast-paced, over-stimulating world, we need to reconnect to those innate parts of ourselves.  

Through a series of embodied creative experiments, focusing on process over end result, I INVITE YOU to join me in exploring and expanding your definition  of ‘ mindfulness’ and 'art-making'. You will learn to incorporate mindful, creative expression into  your daily life, to awaken your senses, increase feelings of calm and 'connectedness' and to appreciate unnoticed detail and beauty in deeper and unexpected ways

This workshop is for the beginner and veteran in either mindfulness and/or art making.

A unique and meaningful experience awaits you…

GET IN TOUCH for more information and to hear about FALL 2018 workshop dates.