Born in South Africa and now based in Toronto, I am a visual artist, creative-mindfulness instructor & workshop facilitator. I believe there is a profound difference between looking & seeing and that we all need to be doing much more of the latter. Creative expression and mindful connection is an innate birthright for all and too many have forgotten how to find their way back.

I work with curious humans who deeply yearn for more space in their lives to slow down and catch their breath, who long to make time for more inspiration and connection. I am committed to helping people liberate their creative flow and to encourage new and more expansive ways of seeing.

My workshops and private sessions highlight the value of intentionally savouring the ‘process phase’ of creation vs. the ‘final product’ or destination -- an increasingly rare, empowering and beautiful embodied experience.

Deeply inspired by the natural world as a reflection of the interior human landscape, my most recent art explores the rich intersection of mindfulness & creative expression. I create lush, evocative paintings and more recently, meditative ink and watercolour works on paper.

My studio is located within Toronto's beautiful & historic Artscape Wychwood Barns and much of my work resides in private collections across Canada & the United States.

CONTACT me to book a studio visit, to experience a workshop or a 1-1 session.