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  • $65 - all materials incl. - ARTSCAPE WYCHWOOD BARNS (Peter McKendrick Gallery) (map)
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Imagine drawing freely, eyes closed, connecting the rhythm of your breath to the intuitive marks your hand is making on paper; expressing an internal physical sensation externally.

Imagine a meditation exploring fluidity with ink on wet paper; engaging your senses to enrich your experience.

--- A beautiful intersection naturally exists between creative process and mindfulness practice…---

We all start out as CREATIVE, CONNECTED BEINGS, our senses and awareness heightened.
But, sadly, many lose touch.  
More than ever, in this increasingly fast-paced, over-stimulating world, there is a profound need to reconnect to those innate parts of ourselves.

I INVITE YOU to join me in exploring and expanding your definition of ‘mindfulness’ and 'art-making' through a series of embodied creative experiments. We will focus on 'process' over 'end result', embracing imperfection and playfulness.

You will be reminded of how great it felt as a child to
connect to your innate impulse to create.

You will learn (among other things):

  • To incorporate mindful creative expression into your life.

  • To awaken your senses to enrich the experience of creating.

  • To increase feelings of calm and 'connectedness' to yourself and to creative process.

  • To appreciate unnoticed detail and beauty around you in deeper and unexpected ways.

This workshop is suitable for the beginner AND veteran, in either mindfulness and/or art making.
A unique and meaningful experience awaits you…

tea & snacks provided


**Spots are limited to 8
**Please Note: Workshop fee is non-refundable but is transferable to a friend.


This workshop was a delightful, sensory opportunity to step out of my head and into my intuitive breath and body. It felt relaxing and challenged my comfort zone in an inspiring way.
— SONJA SEILER - Nurture Retreats
It allowed me to connect to and think about my creativity in a new way. I was able to let go and practice exploring mindfulness and movement through art - a HUGE change-up from my daily routine.
— SARAH ERICKSON - Sparrow Tree Productions
What a lovely introduction to mindful creativity, covering some theory and then applying it and playing with it. I liked the encouragement to follow my curiosity, stay engaged with the moment and notice what is unfolding vs. trying to control. Nicole is a warm and enthusiastic instructor and I loved her examples and prompts.
— OR HAR GIL- Art Therapist
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